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Recycling Waste Services - Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, The Hunter Valley
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Recycling Waste Services
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Smart Earth Recycling (a business of Advanced Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd [AES]) is supporting the state government objective to reduce waste that ends up in landfill by implementing a program of resource reduction and recovery.
Our focus is on the redirection of waste away from landfill to alternative uses.

Products that can be recycled include the following:

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Batteries
  • E Waste
  • Organic waste
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Ink Cartridges

Services Smart Earth Recycling (AES) can offer include:

  • Perform waste audits
  • Supply of source separation reciprocals in your work place
  • Provide collection and processing of recyclable products
  • Provide training and education to your team members on the benefits of recycling.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Management
  • Liquid Waste Management
  • BIO Security Quarantine Waste Disposal and Treatment
  • Medical Waste disposal
  • Clinical Waste disposal
  • Pharamaceutical Waste Disposal

Waste Audits

In order to recycle within your business, Smart Earth Recycling (AES) can carry out a waste assessment for your business.
During this assessment Smart Earth Recycling (AES) will determine the following:

  • Assess how much waste is generated from your office/business and the current costs associated with this
  • Determining the types of waste that are produced i.e. paper, plastics and metals.
  • Assess the amount of waste that is generated and what part of your operations produces the majority of this waste.
  • Identify what is currently being treated as waste and offer  options for recycling.

Source separation bins

Creating a recycling system in your office can be easy, Smart Earth Recycling (AES) has helped many businesses to create a workable and efficient recycling system.
Once you have determined what to recycle, the logistics of collection systems need to be considered.
The use of specific bins for selected waste streams is a great point at which to start.
Smart Earth Recycling (AES) can provide these bins, and work with you to determine how often the collection of these recyclables is necessary.

Collection of bins and logistics

Smart Earth Recycling (AES) can offer a number of logistical solutions to ensure your recycling programme is cost effective and easy to use.
Purpose built rear lift and taut liner trucks are used to ensure the most cost efficient collection process is adopted.
Smaller bins can be emptied in to larger bins with bin lifters to ensure the minimal collection frequency is used reducing the amount of time a truck needs to visit your site, reducing risk and exposure to large trucks.


It is also important to educate your staff on what materials are to be accepted for recycling.
The use of signage and other educational aids for staff members will ensure that the recyclable systems set up are adhered to.
Each Smart Earth Recycling (AES) Educational Officer has over 25 years experience in the industry and continually keeps up with new technologies and processes.
Smart Earth Recycling (AES) is also a member of a number of associations including Business Chamber and Waste Contractors.

Products that can be recycled

Paper and Cardboard
Products like paper and cardboard should not end up in landfill. Many different configurations in bins are available to ensure all paper and cardboard from envelopes to large paper roles are separated from other waste streams.
Paper and cardboard are baled in to export bales and sent over seas to pulp mills, these products are then made in to paper and cardboard for re sale back to the market.

Plastic products, plastic is another resource that can be recycled all plastic can be separated from other waste streams and diverted from landfills.
Plastic is baled and sent to smelters for melting and recasting to be made in to new containers.

Glass is another product that can be recycled.
Bottle crushing machines and separate glass collections are available for this waste type so separating it from other waste streams is important.
Glass is ground down and reused in building materials.




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