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From pesticides and paint, Bunker Sludge, Oily Waters to acids and solvents, Advanced Environmental Solutions (AES) is committed to raising the industry standard in the provision of hazardous and chemical waste management and disposal services.
AES can provide customers with a Total Waste Management solution that includes assessment, collection and provision of the most appropriate recycling, treatment or disposal options for each hazardous and chemical waste.
All personnel are trained in the application of leading operational standards, which exceed compliance levels, to ensure the ongoing preservation and protection of the environment, the safety of our employees, customers and community.

Hazardous, Restricted and Liquid Waste
Hazardous, Restricted and Liquid waste streams are those waste streams that typically cannot be sent straight to normal landfill, these include substances defined under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. 
Examples of these waste streams include chemical based liquids and solid waste containing heavy metals or hydrocarbon contamination.
These, and similar waste streams must be pre-treated to a level that satisfies the Waste Classification Guidelines.
AES has extensive experience in the management of these types of streams and can provide professional on-site advice where necessary to ensure compliance and conformity.

Site Specific Requirements
AES recognises that every facility and organisation that we interact with has their own specific expectations and requirements when it comes to waste disposal.
Access & service response times, induction requirements, OH&S, PPE and Compliancy requirements are a regular but “site-specific” aspect of the waste disposal workplace.
AES core business is waste disposal and as such we recognise that every organisation has their own intricacies and requirements, and we look to make sure we accommodate these requirements accordingly.
We view ourselves as a boutique waste disposal service and as such we look to make sure we tailor our waste removal options to fit in with the client’s requirements first and foremost.

Advanced Environmental Solutions is mainly based in Sydney-Hunter area, however also services numerous organisations within Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.
Via its own transport fleet as well as various inter-business relationships AES is able to cost effectively transport & dispose of waste streams across Australia.
By operating each aspect of the waste disposal cycle we can ensure your complete service is provided at an efficient and affect cost.

Through AES we have the ability, experience and a proven track record of adequately treating & disposing of items including (but not limited to): aerosols, gas cylinders, resins & paints, hydrocarbon related waste (rags, oil filters, oily water etc), contaminated soils, acids, pesticides, insecticides, laboratory chemicals etc..
Through a dedicated research & development program & commitment to best practices these capabilities continue to expand & improve, with the underlying goal of the business being a zero waste to landfill policy.


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