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Smart Earth Recyling provides a number of waste management services.

Confidential Document Destruction

Smart Earth Recycling can supply secured document regular collection bins, documents are triple shredded to ASIO accreditation.
Some legislation requires documents to be securely disposed of due to the personal nature of the documents.
Smart Earth Recycling can identify what documents should be securely treated during a waste audit as part of our recycling and waste management service.
Educational material can also be supplied during this time.

Waste Audits

In order to recycle within your business, Smart Earth Recycling can carry out a waste assessment for your business as part of our recycling and waste management service.
During this assessment Smart Earth will determine the following:
• Assess how much waste is generated from your office/business and the current costs associated with this as part of our overall recycling and waste management service
• Determining the types of waste that are produced i.e. paper, plastics and metals
• Assess the amount of waste that is generated and what part of your operations produces the majority of this waste
• Identify what is currently being treated as waste and offer options for recycling

Fluorescent Tubes

Smart Earth Recycling can identify through our waste audits as part of our recycling and waste management services provide separate containers for fluorescent tube collection.
Fluorescent tubes contain mercury and should not be placed in your general waste.
Smart Earth Recycling removes the end caps from the tube, removes and contains the mercury and then recycle the glass.


It is also important to educate your staff on what materials are to be accepted for recycling.
With education the use of signage and other educational aids for staff members will ensure that the recyclable systems set up are adhered to.
Each Smart Earth Recycling Educational Officer has over 25 years experience in the industry and continually keeps up with new technologies and processes.
Smart Earth Recycling is also a member of a number of associations including Business Chamber and Waste Contractors.


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