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Waste Collection Bins
 Newcastle - Lake Macquarie
Port Stephens - The Hunter Valley

At Smart Earth Recycling we have a number of waste bins sizes available from 240L (0.24m³) to 3,000L (3.0m³)

Waste Collection Bin 1500L

1500L (1.5m³) bin 

Waste Collection Bin 1100L

1100L (1.1m³) bin 

Waste Collection Bin 660L

660L (0.66m³) bin 

Waste Collection Bin 240L

240L (0.24m³) bin 


Waste collection bin services include:
• Prompt and reliable rear load bin delivery and regular pickup service
• Bins are robust but light weight for safer moving
• Friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff to assist in your rear load bin hire requirements
• We can arrange for regular rear load bin cleaning and sanitation
• One stop shop for all of your comprehensive waste management needs


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